FBI: Cohen Called Trump and Hope Hicks During Stormy Daniels Deal

New unsealed FBI documents reveal that Michael Cohen bought the silence of Stormy Daniels after a flurry of phone calls between Donald Trump, Hope Hicks and executives at AMI in the heat of the 2016 presidential election.

Cohen paid a lot of money to Daniels and Karen McDougal – the former Playboy model – to not speak against Donald Trump and the fact that he cheated on his wife with them, according to hundreds of pages released by the federal prosecutors on Thursday.

Manhattan federal prosecutors told a court it closed its investigation into the Trump Organization where Michael Cohen was an executive, and after that a federal judge ordered the documents to be released. Cohen was also found guilty last year to campaign finance violations in connection with payoffs.

According to The Daily Beast, the whole scheme began in October 2016 when her attorney, Keith Davidson, contacted Cohen and AMI about her allegations of an affair with Trump. On October 7, the Access Hollywood tape was released and exposed vile remarks Trump made about women ten years ago, a day after Trump’s close personal assistant Hicks called Cohen. After that, Trump and the trio spoke for about four minutes. The FBI agents noted that it was the first time Cohen had spoken to Hicks in weeks – and the first time he and Trump had spoken in months, a possible sign of how explosive the campaign saw Daniel’s story.

“I’m pissed! You’re pissed. Pecker is pissed. Keith is pissed. Not much we can do,’’ said Dylan Howard to Cohen at that time.

Cohen and Hicks continued to exchange texts in the period as Cohen said:

“So far I see only 6 stories! Getting little to no traction,’’ to which Hicks replied: ‘’Same. Keep praying! It’s working!’’

Cohen texted back: “Even CNN not talking about it. No one believes it and if necessary, I have a statement from Stormy denying everything and contradicting the other porn stars statement. I wouldn’t use it now or even discuss with him as no one is talking about it and no one cares!’’

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