Strip Club Wanted to Host a Golf Tournament in Doral’s Resort, Trump Cancels it after Media Backlash

President Trump’s golf resort in Doral, Florida, will host a golf tournament on Saturday organized by a strip club from Miami, as golfers will be allowed to pay for a dancer to serve as their caddy girl while they are playing golf.

The Shadow Cabaret strip club in Hialeah, Florida is the club that organizes this event called the “Shadow All-Star Tournament.’’ The marketing director of the club, Emanuele Mancuso had a telephone interview in which he revealed that this is the first tournament of this character hosted by Trump Doral. He also said that the strip club did not intend to send a political statement by choosing the President’s resort, but that the choice was made for luxury because the golfers were VIPs and that they deserved a VIP environment and that there would be no nudity on the event, but the girls will wear pink miniskirts and after the event the golfers and the dancers would return to the cabaret itself where there will be a spectacular show that could include nudity.

‘’They are going to be clothed the whole time at the golf course. At the venue is different,’’ said Mancuso.

The Trump Organization confirmed that the event will be held at Trump’s golf resort and that it was happening because of charity.

Doral is better known for a different kind of golf tournament, a long-running PGA Tour event that was last played there in 2016. It is one of the jewels of Trump’s hotel empire – a legendary 57-year-old golf resort that Trump bought for $150 million back in 2012, according to the Washington Post.

Mancuso also said that the first event connected with the tournament will be a reception at the cabaret on Friday night.

“If you enroll before the 10th of July, you are able to pick out your caddie girl. Everybody that enrolled after the 10th, they’re going to have an auction,’’ said Mancuso.

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