South Korean Man Defects to North Korea

A South Korean man has defected to North Korea, say media reports, in a very rare case of someone seeking to live in the authoritarian state. Choe In-guk is the son of two high-level diplomats who also defected to the North in the 1980s, BBC informs.

According to North Korean state media he will live in the North and work on reunification issues. Defections this way are very rare. It is more common for people from the North to try to escape to the South.

The two countries are technically still at war and South Koreans need permission to visit the North. “It’s not yet clear how exactly his defection came about,” Oliver Hotham of specialist news site NK News, based in Seoul, told the BBC. “But it would be fairly simple for a South Korean to get to the North if they had the regime’s blessing by travelling through China.”

But if Choe has violated South Korean law by not seeking permission, he could potentially be arrested if he ever returned to the South, experts say. Choe is a 73-year old South Korean citizen, but little is known about his personal life or political views.

His parents, however, were among some of the most high-profile South Koreans to defect to the North in the 1980s. Choe’s arrival in Pyongyang was reported by the North’s state media, which showed him being warmly received by North Korean officials.

According to South Korean media, he gave a statement to North Korean propaganda website Uriminzokkiri saying: “To live in and follow a country for which I feel thankful is a path to protect the will left by my parents.”

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