Trump: Kamala Harris ‘Given too Much Credit’ for Attack on Biden

On Saturday, President Donald Trump said that he thought that Senator Kamala Harris was given too much credit after the heated atmosphere on the first Democratic presidential debate on Thursday, as Trump had a news conference in Osaka, Japan at the G20 summit.

“I thought that she was given too much credit. He didn’t do well, certainly, and maybe the facts weren’t necessarily on his side,’’ said Trump.

He then added that the exchange between the two Democrats was not that outstanding and that he believed that Biden was probably hit harder than he should have been hit and that his response was not great.

“That was so out of the can… I think it was right out of a box. And I think he didn’t respond great. This is not Winston Churchill we are dealing with. But I don’t think it was nearly as bad as they portended it to be,’’ said Trump.

The President was also asked if he believes that Harris will be a tough opponent next year in the election, to which he replied: “You never know who’s going to be tough. You never know. The one that you think is going to be tough turned out to be not much.”

Biden faltered in his performance after Harris confronted him for his warm comments about working with two segregationist senators and his past opposition to school busing. Harris blasted Biden’s previous stance against busing black students to predominantly white schools, a policy that she said she personally benefited from as a child, according to The Hill.

“I fought my heart out to ensure that civil rights and voting rights, equal rights are enforced everywhere,’’ said Biden on a Friday speech in Chicago, adding that he never opposed voluntary busing.

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