Trump Bashes Democrats, Saying They Might Change Name to ‘Socialist Party’

The first Democratic presidential debate happened a couple of days ago and President Trump already made his moves as he said on Friday that there is a rumor that the party will change its name to the “Socialist Party.’’

Trump also said that he was not impressed by the first debate, accusing the Democrats of moving towards socialism.

“That’s become like the Socialist Party. There is a rumor the Democrats are going to change the name of the party from the Democrat Party to the Socialist party,” he said.

His comments came as a reaction to a question by a reporter about whether he has lost the momentum about the political crisis in Venezuela as he claimed that his administration provided humanitarian help to Venezuela and issued a critic towards socialism and its role in the crisis.

“It’s a humanitarian crisis. That just shows what socialism can do,” said Trump.

His accusations may have some truth in them as Senator Bernie Sanders (one of the favorites in the presidential race) labeled himself as a democratic socialist, but he is the only one who says that for himself. On the other hand, Senator Elizabeth Warren who is also a Democratic candidate for the presidency said that it is just wrong to call her a socialist.

Trump and other Republicans have repeatedly sought to paint the Democratic Party as moving towards socialism, especially as some candidates express support for proposals like “Medicare for All.’’ Many Democrats, while rejecting the socialist label, have also warned that a push too far to the left will hurt their chances of taking back the White House, according to The Hill.

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