Senate Blocks Effort to Restrict Trump’s Iran War Powers

Republicans in Senate had a huge victory as they blocked an effort to restrict President Trump’s ability to go to war with Iran with more than 40 Senators voting against the proposal of the Democrats.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that the Democrats were playing politics because of their opposition to the administration.

“None of our Democratic friends would be supporting this if there was a Democratic president. This is clearly within the bounds of measured response that have not been micromanaged by Congress in the past,’’ said McConnell, adding that he would love to have some Democratic support, but that he thinks that this is an example of the affection with Trump derangement syndrome.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was talking with the reporters on this as he said:

“The American people are very afraid that this president, even if he doesn’t want to start a war, would bumble us into one.’’

Tim Kaine, the Senator who proposed the measure said:

“But it’s just so important that everybody be on the record on this, and we could not let the NDAA go by, when we were 10 minutes away from a war, without having the discussion or the troops and the public would have said ‘what the hell were you guys doing’?”

According to The Hill, McConnell initially brushed off talk of waiting until the Democratic presidential candidates returned to hold the vote. By Wednesday, however, he announced that he and Schumer had worked out a deal to hold a Friday vote

“It was not wildly and enthusiastically greeted on my side. But we’ll be voting for a period of time,’’ said McConnell.

“I also think Mitch probably asked his own people and he probably found out that a lot of his folks were not afraid of this vote. Some are going to vote against Kaine-Udall strongly, some are probably going to vote for it. But people know where they are on this,’’ said Kaine as he praised the Democrats for being united on the subject.

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