Sanders Used Campaign Email to Warn Immigrants of ICE Raids Locations

Democratic presidential candidates started their moves to earn the trust of the American voters, as one of the biggest favorites from the Democratic party, Bernie Sanders, used his campaign email list to warn voters in targeted cities for proposed ICE raids by the Trump administration.

The email was written by Sanders’ campaign staffer and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, Belen Sisa, and was first reported by Vox.

According to the same report from Vox, this is not the first time that Bernie Sanders uses an email list to make a request from voters without asking a donation.

The informative email includes parts in English and Spanish, pointing out the rights of immigrants and urges the voters to make it viral and spread the information before the raids occur. The subject of the email is “ICE raids targeting 10 cities start Sunday.’’

“It is no longer enough to talk about issues like immigration, we must take real action to fight back and protect our undocumented community. Information is power and whether we are documented or undocumented, we all have rights protecting us from the injustices of Trump’s administration,’’ wrote Sisa in an emailed statement.

Approximately 2,000 migrant families would have been deported by ICE under Trump’s order, but it looks like the actions will be delayed after Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a phone call.

Sanders has fairly consistently remained near the top of the crowded primary field since announcing his candidacy, trailing former Vice President Joe Biden who is the front-runner as both of them will participate in the second Democratic debate on Thursday in Miami along with eight other contestants. The other ten debate on Wednesday, according to The Hill.

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