Putin: Russia Will Do All It Can to Improve Ties with U.S.

The G20 summit is happening currently in Osaka, Japan as the top world leaders made several meetings between themselves and gave press conferences. One of them was Russian President Vladimir Putin, who on Sunday, said that Moscow will do anything to improve the relations with the United States which have been followed by several diplomatic scandals because of the situation with Ukraine and the accusations of Russia for interfering in the U.S. elections.

Putin and President Trump had a meeting at the summit and talked about topics like trade and disarmament. Putin also invited Trump to visit Russia in 2020 to a ceremony to mark 75 years since Russia defeated the Nazis in World War Two, which Trump confirmed on a news conference after the summit.

“He invited me and I said I would give it very serious consideration,’’ said Trump.

Putin described the talks with Trump as a good meeting, business-like and pragmatic, adding that both leaders agreed that two-way economic ties required improvement.

“I think we both understand that we need to somehow resolve the current situation,’’ said Putin as he added that Russia and the U.S. somehow need to find the strength to turn the page and move forward.

Putin was also asked about the probability of new U.S. sanctions towards Russia, to which he replied that it is up to Washington to decide how best to build relations with Moscow.

The Russian President also said that he and Trump discussed the election meddling allegations and the situation in Venezuela, but shared no details, according to Reuters.

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