Hong Kong Protesters Are Asking G20 Leaders for Help

The situation in Hong Kong is getting pretty tense as thousands of protesters fill the streets for the past three weeks against a government bill which caused a political crisis. The protesters now want the whole world to hear their messages as the majority of them (dressed in black and white T-shirts) protested urging foreign consulates in Hong Kong to talk about their requests at the summit of the G20 that is going to happen at the end of this week in Osaka, Japan.

Many of the protesters held a peaceful demonstration outside City Hall saying: ‘’Free Hong Kong! Democracy now!’’

According to The New York Times, the demonstrators hope to draw to Hong Kong the attention of the leaders of 19 industrialized and emerging nations and the E.U., who will soon arrive in Osaka. They say that world events have given them extra leverage in forcing Mrs. Lam and Beijing leaders to agree to suspend the law.

Joshua Wong, a well known young activist said:

“Without the trade war chaos and the G20 summit, would Carrie Lam have announced the suspension?’’

This is the biggest resistance to China’s ruling on its soil ever since the territory was returned by the United Kingdom back in 1997 according to Willy Lam, a political scientist at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

“This is a direct slap in the face Xi Jinping, and so some Western countries particularly the United States., may want to use this as an excuse to further put pressure on Xi Jinping,’’ said Lam.

Zhang Jun, an assistant foreign minister, told the reporters that China opposed discussing Hong Kong at the G20 summit.

‘’Under no circumstance would we allow any country or individual to intervene in Chinese internal politics,’’ said Jun.

The British foreign secretary said that the government would not issue licenses for crowd control equipment to Hong Kong unless they are satisfied that concerns raised on human rights and fundamental freedoms have been thoroughly addressed.

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