Iran Accuses U.S. of not Being Sincere About Resuming Talks

Shortly after President Donald Trump imposed new sanctions on Iran, Tehran accused the U.S. of lying about its willingness to resume talks.

“You say you really want to hold talks with us,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said during a press conference on Tuesday. “But at the same time, you’re saying that you want to boycott and sanction our foreign minister, so you’re lying.”

Rouhani then said that the United States didn’t even try to give the impression of telling the truth, but “immediately you proved that you are lying.” He added that Tehran was open to negotiations if Washington truly wanted to hold them, CNN reports.

On Monday, President Trump said in an interview that he didn’t need congressional approval to attack Iran, saying he had the authority to make that decision.

“But we’ve been keeping Congress abreast of what we’re doing … and I think it’s something they appreciate,” he said in an exclusive interview with The Hill. “I do like keeping them abreast, but I don’t have to do it legally.”

Trump then added that the U.S. was very close to initiating a military strike against Iran, but that he decided not to authorize it because too many people would have lost their lives and that would have been an unproportionate response to the recent drown downing.

The President then disagreed again with the assertion made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that he needed congressional approval for a strike.

“I disagree. Most people seem to disagree,” Trump said.

“They have ideas. They’re intelligent people. They’ll come up with some thoughts,” he continued, referring to lawmakers.

Pelosi’s comments came shortly after President Trump’s Friday decision. She said for reporters that no one had notified her of the President’s reversal of the order for military action. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer noted that the President was informed by Democrats that he needed congressional approval before making such a decision.

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