Rubio Bashes Journalist who Criticized him for Being at Trump Rally

Senator Marco Rubio had a feud with a journalist on Tuesday, as the journalist called it ‘’very strange’’ for Rubio to smile and laugh at President Donald Trump re-election campaign launch.

Michael Barbaro, the host of the New York Times’ podcast ‘’The Daily’’ tweeted:

‘’Very strange, for those of who covered 2016 campaign, to see Sen Marco Rubio smiling and chickling in this audience.’’

Shortly after that, Rubio used Twitter to reply to Barbaro as he said:

‘’BREAKING… In an unprecedented move a Republican Senator attended a rally in his home state in support of the re-election of a Republican President.’’

During the 2016 presidential campaign season, Rubio and Trump often traded jabs at each other while they both competed for the Republican nomination, The Hill reports.

As the campaign got rougher, both candidates used tough words towards each other, as Trump said at the time:

‘’He couldn’t get elected dog catcher in Florida.’’

To which Rubio replied: ‘’He’s flying around on Hair Force One.’’

Rubio even called Trump a ‘’con artist’’ once, adding that he will never get control of the Republican party. He also made comments about Trump’s  ‘’spray tan.’’

‘’The man with the worst spray tan in America is attacking me for putting on makeup. Donald Trump likes to sue people – he should sue whoever did that to his face.’’

What is symptomatic is the fact that the tensions between the two Republicans calmed down after Trump was elected the President of the United States as Rubio even defended Trump against the critics in some occasions.

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