Top Democratic Presidential Candidates Ahead of Trump in Hypothetical Matchups

A new poll from Quinnipiac University released on Tuesday shows that the top 2020 Democratic candidates beat the president in national head-to-head matchups.

Although the election is over a year away, current figures show former Vice President Joe Biden taking the lead with the largest advantage over incumbent President Donald Trump. According to the poll, 53 percent of voters would vote for Biden as compared to 40 percent who would support Trump.

The two political opponents held rallies in Iowa on Tuesday, launching a tirade of attacks on the other. Biden deemed Trump an “existential threat” and the President called the Democratic candidate a “dummy” and “mentally weak.”

Other Democratic candidates lead Trump by a smaller percentage. Bernie Sanders is in a 9-percentage point advantage, Kamala Harris is up 8 and Elizabeth Warren 7 percentage points. Senator Cory Booker and Mayor Pete Buttigieg lead Trump by 5 percentage points each.

CNN informs that among independents, Biden is also in the lead with 30 percentage points over Trump – 58% back him and 28% Trump. Among independents, the President only stood better against Warren.

With primary season now open, the majority of Democratic candidates held rallies in Iowa last weekend. Trump has a few primary challengers, although none seriously competitive, polls so far indicate.

A poll by Fox News, conducted in May, came up with similar results showing Biden in the lead over Trump. However, numbers this early are not indicative of real results in November 2020, so they should not be taken at face value.  Between 4 and 7 percent of registered voters are still not certain who they would vote for.

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