Fox News’s Napolitano Says Mueller Made a Mistake Not Indicting Trump

Andrew Napolitano from Fox News said that special counsel Robert Mueller made a mistake by choosing not to indict President Donald Trump because presidents cannot be prosecuted, saying that nobody is above the law.

“Here’s where I think Mueller dropped the ball. Mueller says the president can’t be prosecuted because presidents can’t be prosecuted. Well, if presidents can’t be prosecuted, then they’re above the law. And we know, the basic principle of American jurisprudence is no one is above the law. Surely an indictment could be had, and maybe they’re not going to actually prosecute the indictment until the president leaves the office. But nobody can get away with lawbreaking,’’ said Napolitano.

He added that President Trump’s legal woes are now behind him.

“Impeachment is not legal, it’s political. But it cannot succeed without broad bipartisan support behind it. I don’t think that support is there today.’’

But Napolitano said Trump’s “legal woes” are now behind him.

Last week, Special Counsel Mueller issued a statement in which he said that his office did not charge the President with a crime because it was not an option under regulations from the Department of Justice about indicting a sitting president, The Hill reports.

He also said that if his team “had confidence that the president did not commit a crime, we would have said that.’’

At that time, Judge Napolitano said that Mueller basically said that Trump would have been indicted if he had not been the president.

“Basically he’s saying the president can’t be indicted, otherwise we would have indicted him, and we’re not going to charge him with a crime because there’s no forum in which for him to refute the charges, but we could not say that he didn’t commit a crime – fill in the blank, because we believe he did,’’ said Napolitano.

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