As Houthis Withdraw from Key Ports, Yemen Prepares for Next Peace Steps

The Houthi forces in Yemen began to withdraw from maybe the most important ports. Following that, the government of Yemen requested from the United Nations to give time-frames for the next steps of peace, in order to end the war that has been going on for the last four years.

The Iran-aligned Houthi movement began a pullout from three ports on the Red Sea which were used for oil, grain, aid, and commerce.

According to the United Nations, local coast guards have taken over security at the Saleef, Ras Isa and Hodeidah ports.

The war in Yemen that lasts for four years, killed tens of thousands of people, gave rise to hunger and violence, and left millions of people to fight for survival.

Government negotiator Sadiq Dweid wrote on Twitter that he held a positive meeting with the chief U.N. observer, agreeing that the pullout should lead to time frames for implementing a U.N. mechanism for inspecting ships, de-mining and removing military installations.

Reuters reported that while the Houthi move encouraged foreign powers pushing to re-open humanitarian corridors, displaced Hodeidah residents said they were not ready to return.

Sami, who is an 11-year-old boy who lives with his family in a graveyard in the capital Aden, said:

“We fled the war and I do not want to go back unless it ends, I fear death.’’

Abdul Rahman Taher who is a 34-year-old man forced away from his home is Hodeidah is now washing cars in Aden. He said:

‘’War destroyed everything – no work and no security.’’

The International Rescue Committee said that the Houthi move was a positive step, but a wider peace deal was needed to avert violence elsewhere.

The Norwegian Refugee Council’s Sultana Begum was talking with Reuters about this as she said:

“Among our biggest concern is ensuring sustained access to Hodeidah port. Further military escalation risks cutting the supply line of vital food, fuel and medicines.’’

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