Nadler Says Mueller Won’t Testify Next Week

Robert Mueller will not testify before the House Judiciary Committee next week, as Jerrold Nadler (House Judiciary Committee Chairman) said on Friday.

Nadler was talking with the reporters on the topic, saying that his panel is still negotiating over his testimony with the special counsel and the DOJ, but expects Mueller to appear. He said:

‘’It won’t be next week. We’re negotiating now. We’re talking with him and the Justice Department.’’

He did not reveal why Mueller won’t testify next week, but he said:

“He will come at some point. If it’s necessary, we will subpoena him and he will come.’’

Special Counsel Robert Mueller shared his report of the Russia investigation with the Department of Justice, but the publishing made by Attorney General William Barr was criticized by the Democrats, as they said Barr “censored’’ some parts of the report to protect Trump.

Last week, Trump wrote on Twitter that Mueller should not testify. On the other hand, Barr said that he has no problem with the special counsel testifying, and as an employee of the DOJ, Mueller can be instructed by Barr not to testify, or at least delay his testimony. However, if there is a will in Congress, they could subpoena him to appear.

The report was widely expected for nearly two years, as Trump was accused of working with Russia to win the presidential election back in 2016.

The Hill reported that the appetite for the testimony of Special Counsel Mueller has increased in recent weeks after a letter surfaced from late March revealing he objected to Barr’s memo stating his bottom line conclusions, which was issued three weeks before the attorney general released Mueller’s redacted report.

About the results of the investigation, and the four-page memo released by Attorney General Barr, Mueller wrote a letter on March 27 in which he said that Barr did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance of the investigation conclusions, and resulted in public confusion about its results.

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