Hirono: White House is a ‘Moral Dead Zone’

On a Friday interview with MSNBC, Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) said that the White House is a moral dead zone on Friday, after her rebuke of Attorney General William Barr in a Senate hearing.

“I’ve characterized what goes on at the White House as a moral dead zone. You enter that dead zone and you end up with an attorney general who can’t even tell me that telling the White House counsel to lie is not OK. He can’t answer that,” Hirono stated.

This comes after a lot of Democrats in Congress accused Attorney General William Barr of lying during a sworn testimony on Wednesday, before the Senate Judiciary Committee of which Hrono is a member. He was interrogated after the release of the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which Democrats believe that it was not released in full.

During Barr’s testimony, Hirono grilled him on a series of topics related to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and report, including asking Barr if he thought it was appropriate for President Trump to instruct White House counsel Don McGahn to lie.

House Democrats published a letter that was written by Robert Mueller and addressed to Barr in which he blasted Barr’s four-page summary of his report on the Russian influence of the presidential election from three years ago.

In that letter, Mueller said that Barr created a “public confusion about critical aspects of the results’’ of the Russia investigation.

According to Barr’s summary, President Trump was not involved with Russia during the election and he did not obstruct justice.

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