Trump Considers New Meetings with Kim Jong-un

President Donald Trump stated that he and South Korean President Moon Jae will discuss various topics including North Korea and potential summit with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un, during a meeting in the White House on Thursday, according to Reuters.

The meetings held by the two leaders of the United States and North Korea made no real progress. Nevertheless, President Trump said that he now knows and respects Kim Jong Un and that great progress was made in the negotiations for denuclearization of the country.

The purpose of South Korea’s visit to the U.S. was the hope that the U.S. will help with the denuclearization of North Korea after a resultless summit last February.  Moon’s aides advised him to seek help from President Donald Trump as quick as possible after the second summit failed on 28th February.

The South Korean leader also told Trump that there was a dramatic turnaround of events after the first historic meeting between the two leaders happened. He added that he believes that Trump’s diplomatic efforts give birth to results and that the tension between the two neighbors that last more than half a century can be resolved with dialogue contrary to popular belief.

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