Macron, Merkel Set Conditions for New Brexit Delay

After failing to make a Brexit deal, Theresa May flew off to Berlin and Paris, this Tuesday in search of support from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and French President Emmanuel Macron for another delay of the whole process while trying to come up with a solution for the crisis that occurred due to the unsuccessful deal, according to Reuters.

May said it herself that Brexit might never happen as the last deadline for the United Kingdom to exit the European Union was more than a week ago. However, the British parliament has not come with an agreement on how are they going to work this out.

After the failure to make an agreeable deal, Theresa May now went to discuss things with Merkel and Macron for the sake of delaying the whole thing for the second time, from April 12 to June 30.

Chief EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said that the bloc is ready to allow a delay, but the duration has got to be in line with the purpose of any such extension, on a news conference in Luxembourg. He also said that he hopes the cross-party talks in London would yield a compromise.

It seems like a lot of EU leaders are tired by the whole thing that is dragging for around three years and it became one of the biggest crisis EU has faced in recent times.  They are refusing to renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement made by Theresa May in November last year.

However, there was some speculation that Angela Merkel might agree to do that.

Andrea Leadsom, the government’s business manager in the lower house of parliament, the Commons, issued a statement in which she said:

‘’What I think would be fantastic is if Angela Merkel will try to support a proper UK Brexit by agreeing to reopen the Withdrawal Agreement.”

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