Trump Lashes out at New York Times for Russia Investigation Reporting

This Thursday, President Donald Trump used Twitter to enter a feud with The New York Times as the media outlet reported that some members of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team have concerns that Attorney General William Barr may hide some details from the report on the Russia investigation from the public, according to The Hill.

‘’The New York Times had no legitimate sources, which would be totally illegal, concerning the Mueller Report. In fact, they probably had no sources at all! They are a Fake News paper who have already been forced to apologize for their incorrect and very bad reporting on me!’’ Trump said in his last tweet.

The New York Times claimed that some concerns came from a couple of investigators from Robert Mueller’s team as they said that some findings from Mueller are not the same with what Attorney General Barr’s summary made them appear.

William Barr, who replaced Jeff Sessions as the head of the Department of Justice, wrote a four-page letter to Congress in which he said that special counsel Robert Mueller did not find Trump or anyone connected with his campaign colluding with Russia in the presidential election that was held in 2016 and that he did not decide whether to charge Trump with obstruction of justice.

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