George Conway Says Trump is Worst Kind of Dumb

The husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, George Conway, bashed at President Donald Trump saying that he is a liar and “the worst kind of dumb.”

“As I said to @sbg1, to understand Trump ‘you have to look at everything through the prism of his narcissism.’ Once you do that, pretty much everything makes sense,” the attorney said in another tweet, referring to The New Yorker’s Susan Glasser.

“He lies even when it makes no sense to lie. As one of his lawyers once told me, Trump couldn’t be allowed to talk to Mueller because ‘he’d lie his ass off’,” he added.

The Hill reports that Conway in another post stated that it is “important” to understand that the President is dishonest about “everything.”

“The only qualifier to this is that his compulsive lying is also important to understand. He lies, as we have seen, about everything, about matters big and small, about things that matter and things that don’t,” he tweeted.

On Wednesday, Trump criticized John McCain saying that he doesn’t like McCain because of his connection to a dossier of claims about the President and Russia as well as his vote against a Republican effort to repeal ObamaCare and his support for the Iraq War.

A number of Republican lawmakers came to McCain’s defense on Wednesday, both before and after Trump’s remarks about McCain’s funeral.

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