Trump Calls GM’s CEO Mary Barra in Push to Reopen Ohio Auto Plant

President Donald Trump increased his pressure on General Motors to reopen an Ohio manufacturing plant that recently closed and put 1,700 people out of work, Fox News informed.

Trump’s arm-twisting came in a series of separate tweets on Saturday and Sunday. He capped his weekend rant against the GM with a tweet revealing that he had put his frustrations during a conversation with the company’s CEO, Mary Barra.

“I am not happy that it is closed when everything else in our Country is BOOMING,” Trump wrote. “I asked her to sell it or do something quickly. She blamed the UAW Union — I don’t care, I just want it open!”

The union is the United Automobile Workers, which represents the employees who lost their jobs in the Lordstown closure. Trump had previously told a UAW leader, David Green, to “get his act together and produce” for the Lordstown workers.

Green did not respond to a request for comment Sunday, nor did GM.

Trump blasted GM for failing the U.S. and asserted “much better” automakers are coming to the country.

Trump praised Toyota for its investments in the U.S. in an apparent attempt to show that GM is rather less committed to its home country than Japan’s automaker.

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