Kansas DOT’s Official Twitter Account Calls Trump a ‘Delusional Communist’

Kansas Department of Transportation on Sunday issued a tweet calling President Donald Trump a “delusional communist” and apparently cost the unknown worker a job, Fox News informed.

“You’re a delusional Communist. You know it’s Communist countries that try to control media, right?” the tweet from the DOT’s south central account read. The tweet remained up until about 3:50 p.m. The tweet was in response to Trump’s earlier tweet that criticized Fox News anchors, The Witchita Eagle reported.

The agency announced on Twitter that the tweet was deleted and does not reflect the views of the agency. “The person who sent the tweet is no longer an employee of KDOT,” the tweet read.

The Kansas Republican Party issued a statement questioning Democratic Governor Laura Kelly’s possible influence in the agency.

“Governor Kelly campaigned on bipartisanship but she refuses to negotiate with Republicans in the legislature, and her staff is too busy attacking President Trump on the Kansas taxpayer’s dime,” their statement read.

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