LUNCHTIME POLITICS: Florida – New Federal Holidays – St. Patrick’s Day

Your Daily Polling Update for Friday, March 15, 2019

Down 1 from yesterday

RON’S COMMENT: Today’s average is based on five polls, ranging from 39% (Gallup) to 48% (Rasmussen). Without these two extremes, it would be 42%…. President Trump’s disapproval rating averages 54% today (+1 from yesterday), which is 9 points higher than his approval rating.

Among voters statewide

Trump re-electIn the 2020 general election for president, if Donald Trump is the Republican candidate, would you definitely vote for him, consider voting for him, or would you definitely not vote for him?

Definitely vote for Trump: 31%
Consider voting for Trump: 14%
Definitely not vote for Trump: 51%
Don’t know: 4%

RON’S COMMENT: These numbers are not so good for Trump in this critical swing state, although his supporters will point out that 51% of voters in Florida voted against him in 2016 and he still won the state by a point against Hillary Clinton (49-48)…. By party: 95% of Democrats, 8% of Republicans and 49% of independents say they definitely won’t vote for him…. In the last six presidential elections, the state has voted Republican three times and Democratic three times, mostly by tight margins…. This poll also found Trump’s job rating to be 41% in Florida.

Favorability of presidential candidates among all FL voters:
% = Favorable/Unfavorable
Donald Trump: 40%/52%
Joe Biden: 49%/35%
Bernie Sanders: 37%/49%
Beto O’Rourke: 19%/24%
Kamala Harris: 23%/30%
Elizabeth Warren: 26%/44%
Cory Booker: 20%/30%
Amy Klobuchar: 11%/16%
Kirsten Gillibrand: 10%/22%

RON’S COMMENT: Biden is the only presidential possibility tested from either party who has a net positive rating among all voters in Florida.

Among adults nationwide

Do you think any of the following days should be made into an official federal holiday? (Select all that apply) 

Election Day: 38%
Christmas Eve: 33%
The Friday after Thanksgiving: 25%
St. Patrick’s Day: 10%
Susan B. Anthony’s birthday: 8%
The Monday after the Super Bowl: 7%
Cinco de Mayo: 6%
Cesar E. Chavez Day: 6%
None of the above: 31%

RON’S COMMENT: Election Day and Christmas Eve are days Americans want to be federal holidays. Interestingly, Democrats much more so than Republicans would like Election Day to be a national holiday (56% to 21%).

Among adults nationwide

Do you do anything special on St. Patrick’s Day? 

Yes: 20%
No: 76%

RON’S COMMENT: 22% of men, 17% of women, 25% of 18-29 year olds, 28% of 30-44 year olds and 14% of those 45 or older do something special on St. Patrick’s Day.

[Asked of those who will do anything special on St. Patrick’s Day] As of now, are you planning to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day this year, or not? 

Yes: 70%
No: 14%

[Asked of those who will do anything special on St. Patrick’s Day] Will you attend a parade in your community, or not? 

Yes: 28%
No: 57%

[Asked of those who will do anything special on St. Patrick’s Day] Will you eat a traditional boiled Irish dinner, or not? 

Yes: 44%
No: 34%
Not sure: 22%

Presidential job rating average based on recent nationwide polls.
FLORIDA: Quinnipiac, March 6-11
FEDERAL HOLIDAY, ST. PATRICK’S DAY: The Economist/YouGov, March 10-12

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