China Hits Back at U.S. over Human Rights Criticism

Beijing hit back at Washington over human rights record, following the State Department’s attack against China for the countries human rights record. The State Council of China then added that the United States’ human rights record is “flawed and lackluster,” Reuters reported.

“The double standards of human rights it pursues are obvious,” the council said.

On top of that, Lu Kand, spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, stated that a report published by the State Department detailing human rights abuses was apparently full of “ideological prejudice”.

“We also advise that the United States take a hard look at its own domestic human rights record, and first take care of its own affairs,” he said.

The State Department’s “Country Reports on Human Rights Practices,” released Wednesday, detailed human rights abuses in Iran, South Sudan and Nicaragua in addition to China. But Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday that China was “in a league of its own” due to the country’s abuses of its Muslim minority population.

“In just 2018, China intensified its campaign of detaining Muslim minority groups at record levels,” Pompeo said.

“Today, more than 1 million Uyghurs, ethnic Kazakhs, and other Muslims are interned in reeducation camps designed to erase their religious and ethnic identities,” he added.

In December, the State Department reported that China has detained at least 800,000 Muslim minorities in internment camps.

Michael Kozak, the head of the State Department’s human rights and democracy bureau, added Wednesday that he hasn’t “seen things like this since the 1930s,” which Reuters reported was an apparent reference to Adolf Hitler’s Germany and Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union.

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