U.S. and EU Lagging Behind Russia in Artificial Intelligence Technology

Russian companies are leaving European and U.S. firms behind with some 30% employing artificial intelligence (AI) technology, a Microsoft survey of business leaders has shown.

The tech giant’s survey also revealed that Russian executives are at least 7.7 percent ahead when it comes to adopting the technology. In France, for example, the level of AI use amounts to 10 percent, Microsoft said.

The survey, titled “Business Leaders in the Age of AI”, was published last week. Some 800 executives from eight countries – France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, the UK, and the US – took part in the survey, which was conducted back in January among companies with more than 250 employees.

“We see that the interest to solutions based on artificial intelligence from businesses in Russia has increased significantly over the past year,” ABBYY Russia CEO Dmitry Shushkin said. He revealed that the software company’s revenues from AI-based projects rose 63 percent in 2018.

Russian executives are among those who appreciate AI in their business activities the most, saying that it helps them with company management. The businessmen also demonstrated a strong interest in working with the technology more effectively, according to the Microsoft poll. To do that, 90 percent of Russian respondents were willing to consult professionals on the matter, while the average figure around the world is around 67 percent.

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