Julian Castro’s Brother Thinks About Running for Senate in 2020

Democratic Presidential candidate Julian Castro on Thursday stated that his brother, Democratic Representative Joaquin Castro, plans to run for Senate in 2020.

“He’s considering that, but he really has not made a decision about whether he’s going to do that. I would imagine he would make a decision at some point soon,” Julian Castro, who was the Housing and Urban Development Secretary under President Obama, said during a campaign stop in Nevada.

According to The Associated Press, former Democratic Representative Beto O’Rourke, who came within 3 percentage points of defeating Republican Senator Ted Cruz in 2018, will reportedly not challenge Cornyn, and instead likely run for president.

O’Rourke said he had met with Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer about a potential second Senate run, The Hill reports.

Joaquin, besides being the campaign chairman for his brother, is also the chairman of the House Hispanic Caucus and sponsored a measure passed Tuesday to block President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration over the border wall.

Cornyn has comfortably won reelection every year since being elected in 2003, but many Democrats believe shifting demographics could mean he is vulnerable this time around.

“I think he’d beat him. My brother would win,” Julian Castro said. “There are a lot of Texans that clearly have problems with the way that he has represented the state. Most recently, refusing to stand up to Trump even though a lot of land is going to get taken, a lot of Texas landowners’ property is going to get taken if there’s a wall.”

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