Saudi Arabia Refutes Iranian Claims for Attack on IRGC

A senior Saudi diplomat on Monday fired back after Iran initially blamed the Kingdom for an attack last week that killed 27 members of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard, AP/Washington Post reported.

Adel al-Jubeir, the minister of state for foreign affairs, called Iran a “chief sponsor of terrorism,” saying its allegations sought to divert the attention of the Iranian people from the country’s own troubles.

“Saudi Arabia has been the victim of terrorism,” he added, noting that the Kingdom would continue to be “unmerciful” in going after terrorists and those who finance and condone them.

The comments came as Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was concluding a two-day visit to Pakistan.

Iranian officials had at first said that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were behind Wednesday’s bombing near the Pakistani border, but later said the attack was planned from “inside Pakistan.” The militant Sunni group Jaish al-Adl, which claimed responsibility, is believed to operate from havens in Pakistan, AP adds.

Pakistan has close ties to Saudi Arabia, which views Iran as a regional threat, and often balances between Riyadh and Tehran.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi told his Iranian counterpart on Sunday that Islamabad would fully cooperate in the investigation into the attack on the Revolutionary Guard. Pakistan has also pledged to act if Tehran shares evidence against those linked to the attack.

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