Trump Says Warren Needs to Focus on her Heritage, Instead of Investigating his Business

President Donald Trump on Monday stated that Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren needs to focus on her heritage instead of investigating his finances.

“I got one [letter] from Pocahontas today where it said that ‘Donald Trump, we want to investigate some company’, it’s so disgraceful,” Trump said to Fox News host Laura Ingraham, referring to Warren as Pocahontas, a nickname that the President uses to insult her wrongful claims of Native American heritage. However, it is not clear what investigation he referenced.

“I said just write her back and say she’s got a conflict of interest, okay?” he continued. “She should focus more on her heritage and not being ashamed of what she is.”

Warren, who announced last weekend that she will run for president last weekend, publicly apologized for previously identifying as Native American last week.

Trump’s remarks regarding Warren were made during a discussion with Ingraham where Trump called investigations into his businesses and potential collusion with Russia a hoax.

“What happened to me should never be allowed to happen to another president with investigations on things that never took place, like Russia. The Russia collusion delusion we call it. I call it a hoax,” he said. “The Democrats know it’s a hoax. It’s a political game. Now the Russia thing is dead and they say well, we are going to look at every company that Donald Trump was ever… involved in. I did great. I made a lot of money. Now they want to go back and investigate every company. We have I think 79 different letters from different committees.”

A Senate committee and special counsel Robert Mueller are both separately investigating potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. Trump has denied any collusion.

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