Government Shutdown Delayed 60,000 Immigration Court Hearing

The latest government shutdown apparently delayed around 60,000 immigration court hearings.

According to The Associated Press, Kathryn Mattingly, a spokesperson for the Executive Office for Immigration Review, said on Friday that the hearings would take place as soon as possible.

Immigration courts overseen by the Department of Justice have more than 800,000 pending cases, with the record-long shutdown delaying thousands of hearings.

One immigration judge reportedly does not have an open date on her calendar until 2022.

Mattingly told the AP that immigrants can file a motion requesting an earlier hearing date if necessary.

Immigrants facing deportation or attempting to seek asylum in the U.S. often times must have an immigration hearing in order to stay.

The partial shutdown that put the immigration hearings in limbo among other things came to an end last month when President Donald Trump agreed to a three-week temporary spending measure without money for his proposed border wall.

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