Graham Says Trump Thinking about Using Military Force in Venezuela

President Donald Trump allegedly touched on the topic of the use of military force in Venezuela while talking with Senator Lindsey Graham at the beginning of this month.

According to Graham who was speaking with Axios, the President allegedly asked what the senator’s opinion was on using military force in a nation where the U.S. is pushing for regime change.

“Well, you need to go slow on that, that could be problematic,” Graham recalls him saying to Trump, according to The Hill. Trump reportedly replied, “well, I’m surprised, you want to invade everybody.'”

“And I said, ‘I don’t want to invade everybody, I only want to use the military when our national security interests are threatened’,” Graham told Axios.

Graham added that Trump is “really hawkish” when it comes to Venezuela. But Axios noted that there are no signs the Trump administration has plans to invade the South American country.

Instead, the administration appears to be pushing for regime change in the nation through diplomatic and economic pressures.

Guaidó told The Washington Post on Sunday that he’s in talks with military and civilian officials as part of an effort to oust Maduro.

“We have been in talks with government officials, civilian and military men,” Guaidó told the Post. “This is a very delicate subject involving personal security. We are meeting with them, but discreetly.”

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