Steve King Defiant after House Disapproval Resolution, Says Censure ‘Not Going to Happen’

Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King stated that a motion for censure was “not going to happen”, one day after the House of Representatives formally voted to rebuke him for his “white supremacy” comments, Fox News informed.

House Majority Leadery Steny Hoyer, D-Md., moved on Wednesday to refer Democrats’ motions to censure King to the Ethics Committee. The House passed Hoyer’s motion by voice vote, effectively sidelining the resolutions and precluding a floor vote for now.

House Democratic leaders were reportedly intent on tabling the censure motion because they were concerned potentially opening the door to similar censure initiatives against their own members.

However, top Democrats warned that King might face censure if he proceeds with making offensive remarks. When asked about the possible censure, King simply laughed.

“No, that’s just not going to happen,” King told Fox News. “Oh, no.” He gave the same response when questioned about the possibility of further action by the House.

A censure is more severe mean of punishment than a reprimand or resolution of disapproval but it is not as severe as expulsion.

King also stated that it was a “fact” that critics had misinterpreted his remarks to the New York Times in a recent interview, and that the “record” proves his position.

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