Fox News Anchor Fact-Checks Trump, Disputes Oval Office Address Claims

Fox news anchor Shepard Smith contended Donald Trump’s comments that the President made in his first prime-time address of Oval Office, sparking hostility between the President and his favored news channel.

After Trump’s Oval Office address, the news anchor fact-checked the allegations the President made, among which were drug flows and murder rates among illegal immigrants, proving that the claims differ from the government data.

“The government’s statistics show that there is a less violent crime by the immigrant population than by the general population. He talked about drug crossings at the border but government statistics show that much of the heroin actually comes not from over the unguarded border, but through ports of call,” Smith said.

“He talked about undocumented crossings over the past months; in fact the number of undocumented crossings over the southern border has been steadily down over the last 10 years and the government reports that there is more outward traffic than inward traffic.”

Smith also took issue with Trump’s claim that it was law enforcement professionals who wanted the wall, according to Newsweek.

“As for the trade deal he mentioned with Mexico, which he said would pay for the wall, that trade deal is not yet complete. The President said law enforcement professionals have requested the $5.7 billion; it is he who requested it and it is he who said he would own the shutdown,” the news anchor added.

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