Former Coal Miners Say Trump is Lying about Jobs

President Donald Trump’s ability to restore the United States industry was questioned by two former coal miners who spoke to the CNN, Newsweek reported.

“He’s trying to get their [miners’] votes. He isn’t telling them the truth,” former miner and mining consultant Art Sullivan commented as he was interviewed by Bill Weir of the CNN. “He’s lying to them. These are really good people. These are the people that I have spent my life working with. And if they have the truth, they will make the right decisions.”

Another former miner, Blair Zimmerman, also lashed out at Trump’s allegations.

“I’m an expert, he’s not. When he was campaigning, I asked—I talked to his people. And I said, ‘What’s your plan? How are you bringing back coal?’ Because it could be brought back. If these plants would come back up. And deregulating stuff will help this much,” Zimmerman said, indicating a small quantity. “It’s not going to help a lot.”

During his campaign for office, the President regularly touted his ability to restore coal jobs. But more coal power plants have been shuttered during Trump’s presidency than Obama’s first four years, CNN reported.

With his term nearly halfway finished—and the significant job increases not yet apparent—some powerful voices have expressed doubt that Trump will be able to follow through on his promises.

“I don’t know if it’s going to happen. I don’t know. It’s the government,” Murray Energy CEO Bob Murray told Axios in November. “They are still studying that.”

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