DHS Sec. Nielsen Asked to Appear before House Committee on Homeland Security

The House Committee on Homeland Security on Friday has sent a letter in which they urge Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to appear in a discussion on border security matters, that will also include President Trump’s border wall as well as the treatment of illegal immigrant children in U.S. custody, Fox News informed.

The committee chairman Rep. Bennie G. Thompson condemned Trump’s project for the border wall, which has been a crucial debate point between Democrats and Republicans in order to put an end on the current government shutdown.

“Your border security presentation submitted to Congress today is yet another example of the misinformation and outright lies the Trump Administration has used to make the case for the President’s boondoggle border wall, defend the government shutdown, and distract the American people from a border policy so flawed that children have died in Department of Homeland Security custody,” Thompson wrote.

Despite the discussion on the border wall, topics that are mentioned are “metering of individuals” who reach U.S. border points of entry looking for asylum and the care of children in the custody of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the letter stated.

Thompson stated that Nielsen had previously come before the committee one time and “another appearance is overdue.”

“The Secretary testified before a House Committee two weeks ago on this topic where she answered dozens of questions from members. She has been meeting with House and Senate leadership where she has repeatedly sought to provide them with vital information pertaining to the humanitarian crisis on the border. We look forward to receiving the reported request and will review it,” Katie Waldman, Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman said in a statement for Fox News.

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