President Xi in a Message to Trump Highlights Importance of U.S. – China Relations

On Tuesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping in a message to President Donald Trump emphasized the importance of cooperation between the U.S. and China, marking 40 years of normalized relations between the two countries.

“History has proved that cooperation is the best choice for both sides,” Xi said.

According to Reuters, Xi also added that he views the relationship with the U.S. with “great importance” and is willing to work with Trump to “advance China-U.S. relations featuring coordination, cooperation, and stability so as to better benefit the two peoples as well as the people of the rest of the world.”

The message comes as the two countries are in the middle of a 90-day truce on implementing additional tariffs on one another. The Trump administration has in recent months slapped billions in tariffs on Chinese goods, prompting Beijing to implement retaliatory tariffs on U.S. products.

Despite the ceasefire established during a meeting in Argentina last month, Trump has warned that he is a “Tariff Man” and would be willing to implement additional penalties on Chinese products if the country does not address his concerns.

This year marks 40 years since then-President Jimmy Carter signed accords normalizing diplomatic relations with China. In an op-ed published Monday, Carter urged the two countries to collaborate on issues of global importance, such as climate change.

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