Chief Justice Roberts Weighs in on Mystery Subpoena Clash Potentially Tied to Mueller

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has weighed in on a clash over a mysterious grand jury subpoena, which is rumored to be related to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation on Russian interference, Fox News informed.

The conflict involves an unknown firm whose owner is a foreign nation, which has challenged the subpoena and appealed a related contempt citation.

While the matter of the conflict between prosecutors and the firm is still not clear, Politico informed that the dispute might involve Mueller’s team. According to a Politico reporter, a person related to the appeal made a request for the copy of the special counsel’s latest filing in the case from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals clerk’s office.

After the case was presented before the court, the courtroom was closed for the public and reporters had to leave so the attorney could present their positions.

A little is known in the public about this case, but it was revealed that the witness that is fighting the subpoena is a company owned by a foreign country. The three judge D.C. Circuit panel rejected the company’s position that it is immune from grand jury subpoenas due to violations of the law in the company’s home country.

Mueller’s team did not make public remarks on the issue, while Trump’s attorneys stated that the case does not involve the President.

“We’re not involved in it — we’re not aware of the nature or scope of the litigation,” Jay Sekulow, one of the president’s lawyers, told The New York Times.

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