Philip Morris to Outline Digital Print Plans

At an upcoming conference, Tony Snyder of Philip Morris International will discuss his firm’s plans for digital printing as PMI’s vision of a Smoke-Free Future unfolds, Packing World informs.

Digital Print for Packaging Europe, produced by Smithers Pira, runs December 4-6 in Berlin, Germany. On the program for December 5 is Tony Snyder, VP Product Portfolio Management and Deployment at Philip Morris International. The title of Snyder’s presentation, “This changes everything,” is certainly appropriate, because PMI appears to be one of those brand owners whose top management absolutely gets it when it comes to the profound impact that digital printing is about to have among Consumer Packaged Goods companies of all stripes.

“Philip Morris International has announced a bold new vision: the replacement of cigarettes with new products that heat tobacco rather than burning it,” says Snyder. “No smoke, no fire, and a significant reduction in exposure to the harmful compounds found in smoke. This Smoke-Free Future brings many operational challenges, but also the opportunity to redefine and reinvent the way we work. Building a multi-category presence in B2B and B2C channels demands speed, agility, and scale. Digital printing makes this possible.”

Snyder believes it’s a matter of “when” not “if” digital printing will take an increasing share of package printing. That being the case, brand owners must decide if they will sit back and wait for the advances still needed to make it economically attractive, dip their toe in the water, or dive in head first. “The choices we make will determine if digital becomes an additional option we call on or the disruptive catalyst to a fundamental change in the business model of today,” says Snyder.

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