Ivanka Trump Used Personal Account for White House Email Correspondence

Ivanka Trump was using her personal account when sending emails for official matters of the White House, officials said.

The occurrence was discovered after a review that Ms. Trump was using her private account when contacting officials of the government.

According to her attorney, she sent the messages prior to being introduced to government rules.

However, President Donald Trump put Hillary Clinton in the spotlight in 2016, claiming she put the United States “in danger” by using her private email address while working as state secretary.

The Washington Post said on Monday that even though the messages have mainly consisted of logistical and personal information, some may have violated federal records rules.

An official of the Trump administration spoke to CBS News, claiming that Ivanka Trump’s emails did not feature any classified information and that what happened was probably due to “lack of understanding” of government rules.

After being informed of the government policies, Ms. Trump seized to use her personal account for official White House correspondence.

Still, American Oversight group member Austin Evers said the “President’s family is not above the law.”

American Oversight was the group that filed the request for freedom of information, leading to the discovery.

“There are serious questions that Congress should immediately investigate,” Mr Evers said in a statement.

“Did Ivanka Trump turn over all of her emails for preservation as required by law? Was she sending classified information over a private system,” he added.

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