Kavanaugh Prepares to Hear First Cases as Supreme Court Justice

Newly appointed Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh will hear his first cases, focusing on immigration, guns, and product liability.

The Supreme Court was the center of attention and topic of a national debate after confirming Kavanaugh to the court while he was facing allegations of sexual misconduct.

Despite all scandals, Kavanaugh received the votes necessary and was officially sworn in by retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy.

The following case details have been compiled from scotusblog.com and oyez.org.

The bench is set to hear the oral arguments in the case Stokeling v. the United States, revolving around a 1984 law called the Armed Career Criminal Act. The law imposes a sentence of minimum 15 years on federal firearm offenders who have three prior drug or “violent” felony convictions. Other crimes covered by this act are extortion, burglary, and arson.

Another gun-related case Kavanaugh will hear on Tuesday is the United States v. Stitt, when the court will be debating whether general burglary should fall under the umbrella of the Armed Career Criminal Act to enhance prison sentences.

On Wednesday, the court will reconvene to listen to oral arguments in a case about the Department of Homeland Security’s detention practices.

An immigrant group is challenging the government in the case Nielsen v. Preap over bond hearings denied to immigrants, previously arrested for statutory crimes. Many of these have been charged and are serving sentences for minor offenses, like firearm or marijuana possession.

The statute in question also does not provide a strict timeline for when an immigrant can be expected to be placed in detention.

Later this fall, Kavanaugh will hear cases on voters rights and registration, bankruptcy code, and Securities and Exchange Commission regulations.

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