Oklahoma Democratic Candidate Challenges GOP Opponent to Shooting Contest

A Democratic state congressional candidate in Oklahoma has challenged his GOP counterpart to a shooting match in order to see who is better to support Second Amendment rights, Fox News informed.

Tom Stites, a Democrat from Sallisaw, posted a video in which he says that Republican Jim Olsen “is not a real gun guy.” Both of them are running for the state’s vacant seat in House District 2 in the east.

“I’m sick and tired of being told as a conservative Democrat I can’t be pro-life or pro-Second Amendment,” Stites said, according to The World. “I think that if you talk guns, you had better be ready to back it up. So let’s go shoot it out on targets and see who wins.”

Stites has used the subject of firearms to chastise Olsen. In a video advertisement posted to Stites’ Facebook page, he said Olsen “(used) the Second Amendment for politics.”

“My opponent was born and raised in New York and moved here eight years ago,” Stites said. “We need to know if he really knows guns.”

Stites, an NRA member, has offered his farm for the potential shooting event. He suggested the event could be a vehicle for a charity fundraiser and organized by off-duty law enforcement officers, gun dealers, and local NRA members, The World reported.

Olsen has called the contest unnecessary, saying there that the two candidates were not running “to be the sniper of Sequoyah County, but we are running for state representative.” He has not responded directly to Stites advertisement, according to The World.

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