Up to 3 Million People Expected to Lose Power When Hurricane Florence Makes Landfall

According to a report by Duke Energy, somewhere between 1 million and 3 million people are expected to lose power when Hurricane Florence makes landfall later this week.

According to The Hill, Duke Energy has around 4 million customers in North and South Carolina and says it could take several weeks to restore the electricity.

The president of Duke Energy North Carolina, David Fountain, emphasized the potential implications of the hurricane, which is currently a category 4.

“This is no ordinary storm, and people could be without power for a very long time — not days but weeks,” Fountain said to Bloomberg reporters. “Hurricane Florence will be a life-changing event for many people in the Carolinas.”

Governors Henry McMaster of South Carolina and Roy Cooper of North Carolina have both declared states of emergency and ordered evacuations from coastal areas.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to go to Atlanta on Thursday in order to review the preparations made for Florence, the Category 4 hurricane that is expected to make landfall later this week.

According to a press release from the vice president’s office, Pence will stop by the Delta TechOps facility, meet with leadership and speak to employees. Afterward, he will visit the American Red Cross Disaster Field Supply Center in Atlanta.

The National Weather Service initially predicted that South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia would be the states directly in the storm’s path. However, it was projected Wednesday that Florence would shift slightly to the south and possibly hit Georgia as well.

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