Pyongyang Hopes Another Trump-Kim Summit Could Take Place

North Korea is confident another summit between Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump is possible, an official familiar with Pyongyang’s position on the matter has said.

The official cited an exchange of letters between the two leaders, deeming it a good sign and saying that the meeting would take place “sometime later this year,” although the exact time and place were still unknown.

The news comes at a time when many doubt North Korea will follow through on its promises of denuclearization made during the June summit in Singapore. At the same time, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho said the U.S. actions following the summit were “alarming,” adding that economic sanctions and the lack of a Korean War peace treaty could hinder further nuclear talks.

According to the official, the statement was a “negotiating tactic to put pressure” on the U.S. administration. The official also noted that he hoped more favorable denuclearization terms could be negotiated.

Meanwhile, South Korean Presidential spokesperson Kim Eui-keum said the South was calling on the United States to “show sincere efforts about corresponding measures that North Korea is demanding,” while also urging the North to “speed up its denuclearization.”

In the U.S., pressure is mounting against holding additional talks with North Korea which was recently accused in a confidential UN report of continuing to develop nuclear and missile programs, thus violating international sanctions. The report added that Pyongyang was defying sanctions and selling conventional weapons to fuel violence.

During a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing last month, Pompeo acknowledged the fact that North Korea was still producing weapons-grade fissile material.

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