Trump Threatens Government Shutdown if Democrats Don’t Support Immigration Reform

President Donald Trump urged Congress to adopt sweeping immigration reform which includes a border wall, and threatened to shut down the federal government if he did not get support from the Democrats, CNBC informed.

The President took to Twitter and sent several tweets in which he lambasted Congress over immigration reform. He then threatened a government shutdown if Congress didn’t move U.S. laws “based on MERIT!”

Earlier this year, the White House issued a proposal for merit-based immigration, which floundered in Congress amid a little support from within the conservative lines. Meanwhile, Democratic leaders, who have embraced legalization of “Dreamers” as a rallying cry on immigration reform, have been galvanized by the administration’s family separation policy.

The administration’s framework included a $25 billion “trust fund” for a border wall, a path to citizenship for “Dreamer” immigrants, and an end to foreign visa lotteries that would end a program “riddled with abuse.” In an analysis of the proposal, the libertarian Cato Institute called the plan “draconian”, and said it would reduce legal immigration by up to 44 percent per year.

Amid searing images of undocumented families being separated at the border, Trump defended the controversial practice — which was in place under the Obama administration. Trump warned that there were “consequences when people cross our Border illegally.” He argued that parents attempting to cross the border are “using children for their own sinister purposes.”

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