Obama’s Intelligence Chief Says Time for Mueller to End Probe

President Obama’s intelligence chief said on Monday that special counsel Robert Mueller needs to wrap up his Russia investigation as soon as possible and tell the country if there was any collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign.

“I think the overarching point here is that this whole issue has to come to a resolution,” Former National Intelligence Director James Clapper said in an interview for The Hill, adding that he hoped Mueller and his investigators will conclude their probe “and clear the air one way or the other whether or not there was collusion with the Russians.”

“This is a cloud that is hanging over the country and certainly hanging over this presidency. And I do hope that happens, and soon,” Clapper continued.

He further addressed the report released on Thursday by the Justice Department inspector general, pointing out that anti-Trump text messages between FBI agents were “not good, particularly using a government-issued device.”

However, similarly to the report itself, Clapper said he has not seen much evidence yet that the outcome of the Clinton email investigation was in any way affected by those opinions. As new reports emerge about government officials’ use of their private email, Clapper said that when he was DNI, he used to let his private email “go dormant” and forwarded any government business accidentally sent to his official account.

Clapper concluded by saying that the weekend reports that President Donald Trump’s friend Roger Stone met with a Russian figure during the election was just more proof of “these frequent meetings between members of the Trump camp and the Russians.”

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