McMorris Rodgers: ‘Speaker Ryan’s Bill Does Not Provide Amnesty to Anyone’

Chairwoman of the House Republican Conference, Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, said that the Republican lawmakers should tell voters that House Speaker Paul Ryan’s amnesty bill is not really an amnesty bill.

“The bill does not provide amnesty to anyone … The bill simply allows the DACA population, children who were brought here through no fault of their own and grew up in the United States, an opportunity to get right with the law and earn a legal status in our country,” says the talking-points memo issued June 15 by McMorris Rodgers.

“The leadership is completely ready to totally lie about this bill,” responded Rosemary Jenks, the public policy director at NumbersUSA. She continued:

“According to Breitbart, their talking points include things like ‘This is not amnesty,’ ‘There is no special path to citizenship,’ ‘ There is a guaranteed border wall,’ and none of that is true.”

Breitbart also accused Rodgers that she is telling her colleagues to lie to people who know it is a lie because they have common sense and a good grasp of the English language.

“Politically, the leadership is putting the entire party at risk with disingenuous and dishonest propaganda to their own colleagues,” Breitbart added.

The memo was issued late on Friday night to promote Ryan’s amnesty bill which offers amnesty to at least 1.8 million illegal immigrants.

Meanwhile, her message was seen as an attempt to downplay the demand by GOP donors for more cheap labor, while it describes immigration as a tool for business groups and also reveals that Ryan plans to expand the H-2B visa-worker program.

Rodgers’ remarks were also criticized as being plagiarized from pro-amnesty speeches by Former President Barack Obama, who also supported cheap-labor immigration.

McMorris Rodgers writes that the amnesty bill gives illegals the opportunity “to get right with the law.”

In November 2014, Obama also declared that his “DAPA” amnesty for the parents of U.S.-born children would allow the migrants to “get right with the law.”

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