Representative Brooks Confirms That Trump’s Style Works

Republican Representative Mo Brooks on Thursday stated that he wouldn’t use the same words for the press as President Donald Trump when he designated the media as an “enemy” of the U.S.

Brooks, when pressured on CNN’s “New Day” about Trump’s tweet on Wednesday where he stated that “our Country’s biggest enemy is the Fake News so easily promulgated by fools,” said that the tweet did not represent “the verbiage I would use.”

“I would call CNN, and most people in the media who have left-leaning bents, a political foe. Because they tend to be aligned with the Democrats, versus the Republicans,” Brooks said.

“To me, enemy is the word that you use when you’re talking about a death row kind of combat,” he continued. “Nazi Germany and the United States. Imperialist Japan and the United States.”

When CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked him if he is comfortable with President Trump calling the press the United States’ “biggest enemy,” the Republican Representative answered that Trump has a way of using hyperbole in order to achieve strategic advantage. Brooks also said that it might be different from his style but added that the President’s style obviously works

Trump’s administration has been in a continuous war with the press. The President regularly calls the negative coverage “fake news.” Once he also labeled the press an “enemy of the American people.”

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been saying that the administration is “committed to a free press.”

Brooks on Thursday stopped short of admonishing the administration’s attitude toward the media, saying Trump’s style has been successful.

“I’m not one to challenge President Trump in the hyperbole that he uses to achieve the goals he’s trying to achieve for our country,” Brooks said. “It might be different from my style. But, obviously, his style works. He’s President of the United States.”

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