Trump Starts Having Better Relation with Nationwide Media

President Donald Trump adopted a much nicer attitude toward the national news media on Tuesday during his interview with Fox News. Trump told host Sean Hannity that some of the mainstream outlets had been “very good” to him regarding his summit with Kim Jong-un.

“You know, it was sort of interesting because I noticed some of the press…and I’m not even knocking them, because honestly, they’ve been treating me very good on this subject. What’s to treat badly? But some of the press would say, ‘he’s meeting with them, therefore he had a major loss.’ I said, ‘since when’?” Trump said.

“You know, other wanted to [reach a deal,] but it never worked out, it probably could never have worked out, but we really have gotten a lot,” he added, rotating back to his praising of the summit between him and Kim.

Meanwhile, before airing his taped interview with Trump, Hannity bashed at the media coverage of the meeting, specifically CNN’s.

“This hatred now clearly borders on psychosis,” Hannity said. “If this were a major summit featuring Robert Mueller and his witch hunt, every anchor would be here 24/7 and they’d travel 50 hours in the air for that.”

Trump’s remarks came hours after he looked like mocking the reporters for his press availability with the North Korean leader, telling Kim that reporters “never stop,” and asking journalists whether their cameras were making the two men look good.

“Getting a good picture everybody?” Trump asked photographers. “So we look nice and handsome and thin? Perfect.”

According to The Associated Press, Trump’s administration reportedly implemented restrictions on U.S. press during Tuesday’s trip, including photo opportunities.

“AP is troubled by the decision to curb media access at the Singapore summit,” said the AP’s director of media relations, Lauren Easton. “It is a disservice to the public, which deserves prompt, accurate and complete reporting on what may be one of the President’s most consequential meetings.”

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