Iran Warns North Korea,Trump Can Dismiss Agreement Anytime

Iran issued a statement on Tuesday warning North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that President Donald Trump could still dismiss the agreement that is committing the U.S. to unspecified “security guarantees” in exchange for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

“We don’t know what type of person the North Korean leader is negotiating with,” said Mohammad Bagher Nobakht, a spokesman for the Iranian government, according to Iran’s IRNA news agency.

“It is not clear that he would not cancel the agreement before returning home,” he continued, according to a translation of the quote reported by Reuters.

President Trump on Tuesday during the summit in Singapore signed the agreement with Kim. The two leaders held a historic summit where they discussed issues like the North’s nuclear ambitions and ways to reduce tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

The warning issued by Iran to Kim comes almost a month after the U.S. president announced that he is backing out of the 2015 deal with Iran that stopped the Islamic Republic from developing nuclear technology in the next 10 years in exchange for sanctions relief.

That move made Trump face outrage from Iranian officials, who accused Trump of being an unreliable leader willing to renege on U.S. commitments. Pulling out of the accord also sparked a wave of criticism from most of the U.S. allies who announced that they will continue to commit to the deal.

Trump had been a vocal opponent to the Iran nuclear deal for years. In his first year in office, he regularly threatened to withdraw from the deal, unless it could be renegotiated to address Iran’s activities beyond its nuclear ambitions.

The President’s efforts showed no results which prompted Trump to withdraw from the pact and reimpose sanctions on Tehran.

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