Sanders is Eager to Fire White House ‘Leakers’

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary,   stated on Wednesday that the so-called “leakers” in the West Wing should be found and fired.

During an interview on Fox News, Sanders said that revealing internal discussions to the news media is “disgusting” and “disloyal”, adding that the White House is “focused intensely” on putting a stop to the practice.

“We fired people over leaking before — I’ve personally fired people over leaking before — and we certainly would be very willing to do so again,” Sanders told the hosts of Fox and Friends, which is one of President Donald Trump’s favorite television shows.

The White House in recent days is under heavy criticism for how it handled the leak of the remarks made by special assistant Kelly Sadler, who said it does not matter how Republican Senator John McCain votes on Trump’s CIA nominee because “he’s dying anyway.”

Sadler’s offending comments, which The Hill first reported, happened last Thursday during a closed-door meeting of the White House communications staff.

According to The Hill, Trump and his staff are facing calls from members of Congress who are demanding the White House to publicly apologize for Sadler’s comments, but Sanders and others have indicated there will be no such apology.

Meanwhile, the White House focus is on how Sadler’s comments became public rather than the content of her remarks.

Trump tweeted on Monday that people who leak information are “traitors and cowards,” adding that there is an investigation underway into who in the White House is sharing private conversations with the press.

Sanders’s remarks are similar to those of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, who stated on Monday that a new White House staff shake-up is on the horizon.

The White House said that Sadler will remain in her job position while the “leakers” are being hunted down.

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