Democrat Group Goes into Offensive Against Trump’s Tax Overhaul

A non-profit organization of the Democratic Senate Majority PAC started going on an offensive digital campaign in 10 states aimed at representing the GOP’s tax plan as a handout to corporations and the rich.

Majority Forward’s ad campaign shows how the Democrats plan to undermine the tax overhaul in the 2018 midterms. The organization unveiled the digital ads on Tuesday, touting that the tax plan target is not the middle class and will have negative ramifications on the debt and Medicare.

“Out-of-state billionaires are making you pay for their tax cuts,” one digital ad reads. The ads will direct to the group’s website, “The GOP Tax Scam.”

“Corporate tax cuts are permanent — yours aren’t,” another ad reads.

According to The Hill, the campaign will be a five-figure buy in each of the 10 states that are home to the most competitive Senate races of the 2018 cycle: Ohio, North Dakota, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, Indiana, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Missouri.

In the 2016 election, President Donald Trump managed to win those states, with the sole exception of Nevada, which he lost by over 2 points.

“Republicans are trying to pull off a bait and switch that will screw the middle class in the end,” J.B. Poersch, president of Majority Forward, said in a statement provided to The Hill.

“It’s crucial for voters to know that Republicans passed the tax bill to appease corporations and billionaires who fund their political careers. Middle-class families need Senators that will protect Medicare and stand up to the Koch brothers, and Republicans running for the Senate are completely unwilling to do the job.”

The Hill reported that Senate Majority PAC has already injected millions of dollars into the battle for the Senate, with recent ad buys to protect vulnerable Democratic incumbents in Missouri, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, Senate Democrats are mostly on the defensive this period as they have to protect dozen of seats which are in states that Trump carried, where Republicans only need to defend eight seats. However, as the public opinion has improved in the new polls regarding the tax overhaul, Republicans feel confident that the legislation will let them keep their majority.

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